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Have you ever tried organizing an international event using only the strength of your fellow student chapter members? If you did, then I have a question – how did you invite people worldwide to take part in it? Our chapter has been doing this for a while now – we have hosted several events of various scale and purpose in the past few years, and have always encountered the same problem: how to spread the word? Some of our members spent hours and days searching for contact details of various chapters from different regions before every international event – be it a simple Skype call or a major congress – each time we used days digging through Facebook, LinkedIn, or looking for chapter websites via Google. We have created our own database of contacts, but expanding it has always been difficult.

One might wonder – why is this so important? The answer is quite simple – there are students all over the world who would love to meet their future colleagues, learn something new, test themselves or explore new cultures. This is probably the reason why most of the students join SPE. So, the demand for international events exists, but sometimes it is hard to find out what global SPE student community has to offer. This brings us back to my first question – if you have an idea what to organize, have enough members to do so, and have the necessary financial support for this, how will you inform your colleagues worldwide that your chapter is ready to satisfy their need for learning, networking and, after all, travel?

In November 2016 we gathered our colleagues from parts of Europe, the US, Australia and Africa for a discussion, and, having realized that we are all encountering the same problem, we tried to find a solution. We decided to create an International Student Events Calendar (ISEC). This pilot project should enable SPE student chapters from all over the world to spread the information about their events. We invite you to join us! Feel free to send us the information about an event, organized by your chapter, and we will post it in our calendar in a few days after processing it.

Members of the work group
  • Gubkin University SPE Student Chapter
  • AGH University of Science and Technology SPE Student Chapter
  • Alexandria University SPE Student Chapter
  • Curtin University SPE Student Chapter
  • Mining University of Leoben SPE Student Chapter
  • RWTH Aachen University SPE Student Chapter
  • University of Clausthal SPE Student Chapter
  • University of Kansas SPE Student Chapter
  • University of Zagreb SPE Student Chapter

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