Rules for participation in conferences

1. The student may participate in the conference for SPE’s money once a year.

2. Upon returning from the conference, the student may be asked to present his work at the monthly meeting of SPE in the Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation.

3. The student must be a registered member of SPE.

4. During the conference you need to spread your photos in social networks with hashtag #spe_moscow#gubkin_spe

5. During the conference you need to comply with all internal rules of Gubkin SPE Student Chapter (decent behavior, alcohol is not allowed).

6. Representation of the SPE student chapter in the conference: chapter presentation, distribution of invitation and brochures, meeting with other students.

7. Save your boarding passes before returning in Moscow.

8. You need to write a report about your trip.

9. You need to create an archive of photos from the event.