Oil Rush

On september 29th a fascinating game was held called “oil rush”.

Students of our university tried themselves in the role of heads of the leading oil and gas companies. Players bought a possibly fruitful site, hired the best top managers, invested in the assets of other companies ect. During the game, participants actively solved incoming problems (and there were a lot) with the agility cunningness and wit. As a result, the team, which was able to create the most productive and profitable business won. Next game will be held in English at the summit of OPEC in late November. In addition to the accumulation of useful skills and knowledge in the field of oil and gas business, you will be able to significantly increase the level of knowledge of a foreign language. The game will not leave anyone indifferent.

Ceremonial Opening of the SPE Office

On May 28 in the life of Gubkin University SPE Student Chapter there was a significant event – office opening (the 3rd case, room 2882)

The guests invited to the opening ceremony were: administration of the university (the rector – Martynov Victor Georgiyevich, the vice rector for international work – Maksimenko Alexander Fedorovich, the vice rector for study – Koshelev Vladimir Nikolaevich, the assistant to the rector and the Student Chapter Chairperson of the SPE Moscow Section – Streletskaya Vlada Vladimirovna), the head of department of international relations Isaev Oleg Fedorovich, the chief of the protocol department of management of international relations – Dyomina Valentina Nikolaevna, the assistant coordinator of the projects of the SPE Moscow office – Orlova Yaroslava, and also special guests from the Schlumberger company: Gerdyush Andrey Eduardovich (the HR and work manager with higher education institutions), Mazitov Rinat Nurgaliyevich (the well intervention vice-president for Russia and Central Asia) and Ablayev Anton Ravilyevich (the business development manager at Schlumberger, SPE Regional Director Russia and Caspian).

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85th anniversary

17th of April was marked by a remarkable event- our beloved alma mater — Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas turned 85 years! We celebrated widely on this day!!!

Of course, Gubkin University SPE Student Chapter took an active and important part in the anniversary celebration..
Our team was entrusted with great honor to receive delegations of foreign embassies, as well as Presidents and Vice-presidents of oil and gas companies. The University received visitors from countries such as China, Bolivia, Angola, France, Norway and others. Together with foreign students, the members of the SPE section gave delegates a tour at ”the History Museum” of our University. Guests were able to pay tribute to the founder of petroleum Geology Ivan Mikhailovich Gubkin and fallen heroes of the great Patriotic war and laid flowers to their memorials.
The Rector of the University held a meeting with foreign visitors in the university’s oil and gas library. After which delegates were invited to a concert of the University’s Birthday, organized in the concert hall of the Palace of culture “The Gubkinec”. That is where guests were able to enjoy artistic performances of the most talented students of our University!

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Gubkin SPE Web Conference

On April 10,the first in the world web-conference with representatives from seven SPE sections was held.Through Skype, we communicated with chapters from France, Germany, India, Russia, Pakistan, Indonesia and China. Attended by 20 activists, including the President and Vice President of the Gubkin SPE Student Chapter. The foundation was laid by welcoming words from Marat Tukhvatullin(Ex-president), Alexey Vikhrov (President), Dmitry Koshechkin (Vice-president) and Ivan Kurchatov (Head of IR committee). Then, each activist described one of the many projects.

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