India and Brazil win in “OIL RUSH”

The «Oil rush» game is going through a new stage in its development! On 27th of April a new economic model was carried out according to BRICS, uniting the most inquisitive minds of Russian State University of Oil and Gas and Moscow State Institute of International Relations.

In the beginning there were teams from Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. The teams had a difficult task – to evaluate and develop a new oil and gas bearing area, which has been discovered in north of Russia. The teams could carry out an internal conversation with professional top managers, who were activists of the Chapter, build the most modern offices, pump up fields, using various methods of increased oil recovery, and they also compete in auction for winning the tender for a perspective area development.

Special discoveries of huge deposits pushed a powerful spurt in capitalization of the shares price, but an adventurous behavior of the company, which didn’t attract service companies to conducting well logging, led to failures. The companies have been equal for a long time, but in the final stage of the game the teams from Brazil and India finished with equal results. Valuable prizes were given to winners, and a new challenge was set up for organizers. Soon they will have to begin preparing a model for organizing the game on the international arena.


The Independence Day of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela was celebrated at their embassy on April, 19th. Members of Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas SPE Student Chapter were invited as guests to this event. The Minister of Oil and Mining of Venezuela, Eulogio del Pino, attended the ceremony and gave a speech.



On April 12th Jarand Rystad, the founder of Rystad Energy company (Norway) gave a lecture at Gubkin University. The title of the lecture was ‘When will we see 100 usd/bbl again’. After the lecture he spoke to students. His company is focused on consulting and his main customers are governments and big international organizations. Rystad’s presentation was, basically, devoted to hydrocarbons prices forecast and pricing policy in whole. He showed the main trends of energy prices since the second part of the previous century, proving that this system is dynamic. Rystad also presented ’ UCube’ product, made by Rystad Energy. This program is created for forecasting, and is based on analytic relations and previous dynamics.

It was quite interesting to find out how and why oil and gas prices had been changing in such way in different periods. Every present person could ask a question and Rystad willingly answered them and shared his experience in forecasting. We hope that number of such presentations on global and hot subjects will increase in future.


Model OPEC

On March 30th within the walls of Gubkin University the first part of the OPEC model took place. Everything began with registration of participants. Then the guests of honor arrived. We were fortunate enough to greet the delegation from the Embassy of Venezuela in which there were the following people: Alvaro Sanchez Cordero – Chargé d’Affaires. Hoglis Martinez Nunez – Counsellor, Head of the Department of Energy; Ruben Dario Gutierrez – Second Secretary, Head of the Press and Maria V. Troyanovskaya – translator.

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Petroolympic Games

An intellectual game «PetroOlympic Games», purposeful for checking, development and fortification of students’ knowledge in oil and gas branch was conducted in the University on the 21st of March.

12 activists of SPE Student Chapter were guided by Oksana Kostyuk and they were included into the Organizing Committee of the game. The team took part into making up questions in actual themes of the branch.

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“New Generation: Across the Universe”

From 28 February to 6 March 2016, a grand event was held –the first international oil and gas majoring students forum “New Generation: Across the Universe” with the support of the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation within the framework of the program of development of student associations ‘ activities at the Gubkin Russian state university of oil and Gas (NRU). The forum was a truly unique event. The participants were 117 students from 52 countries. Also,the forum was attended by guests – first person, management and leading specialists of the largest oil and gas companies and relevant agencies of the country. The forum received the approval and support of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), World petroleum Council (WPC) and International Gas Union (IGU).

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The second stage of NRCC program “Young Entrepreneurs – EPYE”

The second stage of NRCC program “Young Entrepreneurs – EPYE” was held from 19th till 22nd of January at Stavanger, Norway. There are 34 participants of this program from leading Russian and Norwegian universities, who have successfully passed competitive selection. Students from Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas Yuriy Raiskiy (KHTM-15-04), Dmitriy Koshechkin (AS-12-04), Galina Matniyazova (RNM-15-03), Eleonora Pechorskaya (AI-12-02) Aleksey Vikhrov (MBM-15-04) and Anastasia Mukhina (PhD of Automation and control of technological processes and manufactures) have also attended the program.

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2nd BRICS Youth Summit in Oil and Gas Industry

2nd BRICS Youth Summit in Oil and Gas Industry organized by Gubkin University SPE Sudent Chapter was held on the 25-26th , 2015 in the Gubkin Russian State Universiy of Oil and Gas. This summit presents a unique international communication platform for interactions and strengthening relations between state institutes, embassies, oil and gas companies and students of BRICS alliance.

On November 25th such events took place as: Opening Ceremony, Plenary Session, Round Table and Closing Ceremony. On the 26th of November participants visited oil and gas companies such as Lukoil , Baker Huges, Delloite.

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November 3-5, 2015 in Baku (Azerbaijan), in the framework of the Caspian Technical Conference and Exhibition during November 4-6, 2015, was held the Regional Student Summit SPE.

At the summit, our university was represented by activists of the SPE student section Kurbonshoeva Lesana, Kurchatov Ivan, Litvintseva Elizabeth and Parsheva Arina. Every day summit participants had a very eventful program.

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SPE Russian Petroleum Technology Conference 2015

On October 26th to 28th SPE Russian Petroleum Technology Conference 2015 was held in Moscow. The event was attended by approximately 400 delegates, who discussed the most important current questions and problems of the industry.  The motto of the conference was the phrase of  Christophe de Margerie: «The end of the oil era is still far away». The choice of the motto is not accidental, it is determined by understanding the fact that the world is not ready to use alternative energy sources yet and, despite the unstable situation on the oil and gas market, the world keeps and will keep depending on secure and fail-safe oil and gas deliveries. This, in its turn, is impossible to be accomplished without implementing the results of innovation activities, unique technological and industrial equipment, research and development works. All these essential and crucial components were discussed at SPE Russian Petroleum Technology Conference.               As part of the event 3 plenary sessions, 22 technical sessions, knowledge sharing sessions, round tables and topical luncheons were held. During these activities the most important problems of the industry were touched upon, specifically:

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