HR Committee

Human Resources committee is the place for communication and self-realization. HR is the main key in chapter because it organizes the team and works with it. We can’t achieve success without warm and friendly atmosphere inside the chapter so HR committee provides such atmosphere and spirit. Moreover we care about self-development and realization of each member. HR committee trains and motivates activists for better and more effective work.


Every month we organize trainings for our activity members to increase their motivation and recognition of our mission. Trainings include a lot of practice exercises and theory. We try to explain different processers of our life, such as manipulation, depression, success, etc. Also every week each SPE member of Gubkin SPE SC has opportunity to share his experience. Each of us can say about his life, problems, tasks and decisions.

Our Mission:

  • Forming the effective and interested team
  • Providing warm atmosphere inside the chapter
  • Self-development of each member
  • Motivation

Within the committee are carrying out the following projects:



It is similar event to TED Talks, an event where students and teachers of the university can perform on a worrying topic. Due to this event, students has an opportunity to tell about their activities, achievements and interests, share stories of their lives and listen to those who had found the courage to participate as a speaker. All those who attended the event, appreciated the level of it. Speakers noted warm and friendly atmosphere, the audience – relevance and interest in the topics covered. «Gubkin Talks» will be scheduled once every six months, so the next conference will bring together more speakers and listeners.

Head of the project: Lesana Kurbonshoeva



«Oil rush» is an economic model, which describes behavior of petroleum companies in conditions of imperfect competition. The main aim of the game is the maximization of capital and price of company’s shares. The teams аre suggested to assimilate hydrocarbon fields map, to trade produced oil and to change the assets with competitors. The company, which has chosen the most optimal strategy, with some luck, achieved success and became the winner.This project was developed by Gubkin University SPE Student Chapter and also the representatives of School of Economics, as innovative form of joint cooperation for popularization knowledge about the petroleum industry.

Head of the project: Anton Runenkov



The global purpose of the Gubkin University student chapter is to make the world we are living in better. One of the ways to reach this aim is to take part in the child-care organizations. In 2015 we decided to help children in the social-rehabilitation center situated in Tulskaya area. Every month we visit them and organize different cultural and entertainingprograms. The main idea of the project is to motivate such children to study hard, so one day they can enter any University they would like and start building their own future. Also we bring presents and sweets with us. We understand that it is just a small step, but we are working on making these steps greater.

If you want help us, connect with Head of project Eleonora Pechorskaya (



To provide warm atmosphere inside the chapter we organize different events such as celebration of the birthday of our student chapter, celebration of New Year and other holidays. We also visit exhibitions, theatres and museums. It is very important for us to spend free time together because good relations play a key role in the success of everything the students do for development of our chapter.



Head of HR-committee – Polina Letkova