Gubkin Delegation in the WPC

From 09 to 13 July, 2017 in Istanbul, Turkey, the 22nd World Petroleum Congress (22nd WPC) took place. Representatives of Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas (NRU) actively participated in the work of the congress. The World Petroleum Congress, also called the “Olympic Games in the oil and gas sector,” is the most significant and global event in the fuel and energy complex, held every three years in one of the member countries of the World Petroleum Council.

This time the platform of the 22nd WPC gathered more than 600 experts, about 50 energy ministers, and more than 400 young professionals who participated in an extensive program consisting of almost 100 technical sessions. 73 experts from 25 countries were included in the program committee of the 22nd WPC, becoming the head of technical sessions and round tables, with 347 experts from 36 countries being nominated. It should be mentioned that Russian Federation was represented by 3 experts, 2 of whom are staff of Gubkin University: Elena Fedorova (Associate professor of the equipment of oil and gas processing department) was a moderator of a round table «Role of LNG in security of global energy supply» and Vlada Streletskaya – executive assistant of rector – vice-chairman of session «Human resources – how to attract and retain talent in our industry».

The program of the congress consisted of ministerial sessions, panel discussions, plenary sessions, round tables, expert workshops, where modern technologies of oil and gas production, transportation and processing of hydrocarbons, innovative methods of management and strategic development of the international energy business, prospects and challenges for the development of the global oil and gas industry were discussed under the slogan “Bridges in the energy future”.

For the presentation within the framework of 20 technical sessions, 251 authors from 35 countries were invited, all in all, 1552 theses were submitted for the competition. It is necessary to note that the Gubkin University has been honorably represented by several reports in different sections. Anatoly Zolotukhin (International affairs counselor, Research director of the Institute of Arctic Petroleum Technology, Professor of the oil field development and operation department) addressed in the

program of an expert session «Best Practices in Offshore Exploration & Production in times of Crisis – Uruguay».

Assistants of the strategic management of fuel and energy complex department of the international energy business faculty (FIEB) were invited to participate in poster sessions – Victoria Fedorova made the report on «Small-scale LNG: playing a key role in gas markets transformation» and Diana Tyrtyshova presented the report «CNG projects as part of petroleum companies diversification strategy in the period of the energy challenges». The reports were prepared under the guidance of E.A. Telegina, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Dean of the Faculty of International Energy Business. The FMEB PhD student Riverson Oppong submitted reports «Beyond growing energy demand – Africa’s socio-economic and technological challenges» and «Socio-Economic Impact of Gas Condensate Well Spacing Problems Using Genetic Algorithms – Case Study from Northern America»

Besides, volunteers from all participating countries were involved in organizing the World Petroleum Congress. Five volunteers represented Russia, 4 of them are students of Gubkin University: A.Akhmetov, A.Vikhrov, L.Kurbonshoeva and I.Kurchatov. All of them are students who demonstrates the highest educational and scientific indicators received the certificates “For the invaluable contribution to the congress”

During the Russian Ministerial Session of the World Petroleum Congress, three participants were awarded a scholarship “The Golden Legacy of the World Petroleum Congress,” established by the Russian National Committee of the World Petroleum Council. According to the decision of the Evaluation Committee, the most talented and successful students of the spring semester of 2017 were the students of the Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas (NRU): Akhmetov Arthur Ruslanovich, Vikhrov Alexey Evgenievich and Kurbonshoyeva Lesana Rustamovna. Within the framework of the World Petroleum Congress, the winners received an award from the Deputy Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation Anton Inyutsyn and the President of the World Petroleum Council, Josef Toth.

The competition is held twice a year, students of universities of the Russian Federation taking part in training of specialists on a wide range of oil and gas profile specialties take part in it. Since 2015, 35 students have received this scholarship.

In the frames of WPC the Council Meeting of the National Committees of the World Petroleum Council was held. The agenda included the procedure for approving the venue for the Sixth Youth Forum of the World Petroleum Council in 2019, as well as the election of the new executive committee of WPC on the period from 2017-2020.

According to the voting results, due to a clear reasoned position and objectivity in accordance with all the criteria, Russia was awarded the honor of hosting the Sixth Youth Forum of the World Petroleum Council in St. Petersburg, scheduled for the summer of 2019. It goes without saying that Gubkin University, which is the main talent pool for oil and gas industry and has tremendous experience in carrying out scientific events of a global scale, will be engaged in the organization of the Forum.

Moreover, as a result of the elections held in the framework of the Council Meeting, V. Streletskaya was elected as Russian representative of the Youth Committee of the World Petroleum Council and Prof. Dr. Anatoly B. Zolotukhin was elected as a Senior Vice President of the World Petroleum Council. This position is one of the key in the WPC management.

We wholeheartedly wish Anatoly Borisovich further victories and success in his work!