Oil in nature and in our live

At the 20th of April in Gubkin State university of Oil and Gas lecture of V.I. Ermolkin “Oil in nature and our life” was held, which was organized by the SPE Students Chapter.

“An echoed scream in Western Pennsylvania in 1859 spread all over the world, the scream about oil discovery of Colonel Drake, also known as “crazy yankee” – this was the start of the lecture from Professor V.I. Ermolkin. During it students had an opportunity to get various knowledges about industry: from history up to international energetic policy. As the professor said, oil is good and evil at the same time. A lot of innovations were done because of “black gold”, but a lot of blood was spilled because of the greed to resources.

Core-samples and oil with different density were shown to the students to illustrate collector structure. Also students were told about oil generation processes, further migration into the collector rocks, and of course cap rocks, vital for the deposits formation.