Gubkin Talks

At the 28 of April third Gubkin Talks conference was held, which is organized each semester by the SPE Students Chapter.

Gubkin Talks are unique conversation platform for students of Gubkin State University of Oil and Gas. Everyone can give a talk about a topic he is interested in, because on a stage of application there is no limit for the number of participants and themes. Practically GT is a mirror, which has reflected all variety of student’s thoughts, ideas and emotions.

For example Andrew Kusakov, leader of the Students Scientific Society, told about amazing growth of “Oil and Gas” conference prestige. Dmitry Koshechkin shared his own experience of “silence meditation” experiments and described his philosophic idea of “inner reasons within every man”. Dmitry Martynov told about self-motivation system called “scourge, gingerbread and poker” which can transform every work into game. Juliana Abyzova showed analysis of shocking plans of Russia’s territory exploration within the frameworks of Harvard and Houston projects. BulatKuzyashev shared his theoretical inferences about balance of leisure and working time in our life, wishing everyone to fulfil their lives with vivid moments. Ivan Stefutin illustrated his passion for self-realization with the revival of “Intellectual club”, ArtemEremeev, leader of the Students Art Society, started an interesting discussion about his presentation “Activist today” in which he emphasized importance of student’s cooperation and compared modern activists with their colleagues 6 years ago. Denis Yanshin described the whole evolution of humanity energetics in his 10 minute speech: started with muscle power of monkeys he finished by the state-of-art investigations in the sphere of thermonuclear energetics. The last speaker was Anastasia Turenina, who told how not only listen, but hear people around you.

This was the third Gubkin Talks conference. Next one will be at autumn. What will you talk about?