Meeting with Vice-president HR of Schlumberger Sergey Pershin

The Vice-president of the biggest oilfield service company, which operates in more than 85 countries and employs more than 100000 staff, described not only the work features, business activities geography and the company’s main segments but also opportunities for young specialists and cultural alignments. Moreover, he pointed out that the engagement of female engineers in the company’s projects is of the great priority.

The special attention was paid to the hiring policies and the features of interview organization, which include qualification and language tests as well as teamwork skills checking. The last point was particularly emphasized by Sergey as a candidate should be able to quickly adapt to rapidly changing conditions.

In the second part of the meeting, Sergey has answered the questions regarding the career development possibilities for young specialists and the competencies to be developed by students today to succeed in the future. In addition, the available vacancies were discussed within the meeting. Sergey has also shared his personal experience of working in different locations worldwide and highlighted various approaches to workflow management depending on the certain environment.

After the presentation, attendees had a chance to ask questions they are interested in. Most of the questions were related to employment features, further professional development in the company and worklife balance.