On the 8-12th of March, 2017 at the University of Zagreb, Croatia, the 4th Annual Student Energy Conference (ASEC 2017), organized by University of Zagreb SPE Student Chapter took place. This conference is as a unique place for knowledge exchange between students of top European technological universities of the oil and gas industry, as well as establishing connections between students of SPE from different universities. About 70 students from 7 universities took part in the conference.

The conference began its work with an official opening ceremony where the representatives of the university, employees of the sponsoring companies and representatives of the Croatian SPE Section appeared with welcoming speeches.
Afterwards there was a panel discussion dedicated to potential new issues of the petroleum industry and new solutions for current challenges. Along with experienced industry employees, the postgraduate of the IEB faculty of RSU of Oil and Gas Riverson Oppong also took part in the discussion.
In the afternoon members of HEP Gas Supply Ltd., Plinarco d.o.o. and INA companies made a presentation for the participants of the conference. At the end of the day, a sightseeing tour was organized.
On 9th of March the day began with presentations by the workers of CROSCO, Kuwait National Petroleum Company, INA and Schlumberger. Use of geothermal sources for generation of electric energy, features of oil and gas extraction in formation depletion conditions, new methods for hydraulic fracturing and several other matters were considered.
After dinner, the participants presented their scientific papers. Lecturers of the University of Zagreb and petroleum experts were judges at this competition. Then, a soft skills training, including tips for writing a perfect resume was available for the participants and the guests of the conference. Experts of the INA company Danijel Dadović and Ana Borić acted as moderators.

The third day of the conference began with student reports and continued with a lecture by Zdenko Krištafor (professor at the University of Zagreb), where he analysed the accident of the drilling platform Deepwater Horizon.

After a small break two intellectual battles began: the poster session and the team game «Petro tournament». In the second part of the day, a closing ceremony of ASEC 2017 was held, where the results of the competitions were finally announced. The 1st place in scientific competition was awarded to Ivan Kurchatov. The «top-quality medal» in the poster session contest went to RSU of Oil and Gas student Elizaveta Litvintseva. Consequently, pupils of RSU won in all the conference sections!
The last day of the conference was dedicated to different educational trips (Field Trip). The organizers offered 2 possible places for a visit: the Jack-Up drilling platform «Latin» or the petroleum terminal «Omišalj». Students RSU of Oil and Gas took part in the Latin trip. Currently, this platform is rearmed in the sea ship factory «Uljanik» in Pula, Istria. The road to the location took about 4 hours and lead through the beautiful countryside of the Dinaric Alps, which is famous for its forests, Croatian villages and old towers. The excursion to the drilling platform was particularly noteworthy not only for its informational content, but also for enabling access to all objects of the drilling platform. On the way back to Zagreb a traditional supper in the «Volta» restaurant was arranged.

The RSU of Oil and Gas delegation would like to express its gratitude to the organizers of this excellent conference and for a great chance to be a part of this global competition!