Meeting at the Chamber of Commerce

Another traditional meeting at the Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation took place on the 17th of January, 2017.

SPE Moscow Section introduced their project Career Pathways Fair (CPF). The goal of this project is enabling the students to find out more about all aspects of the Petroleum Industry. Each year CPF is a part of the most important and well-known conferences ATCE и Offshore Europe. On the 24th of November, 2016, 8th International Youth Scientific and Practical Congress ‘Oil and Gas Horizons’ was chosen as a platform for organization of this event. Starting January, 2017, CPF will be held monthly at the Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation. Lesson course was opened with a lesson by Veronika Koperanova, ‘LUKOIL – engineering’. She presented the characteristics of work, and newest developments of her company and inspired the students to focus on self-development and proffessional growth.

After this a lesson, entitled ‘Road to Artic: high-tech drilling on high latitudes’ took place. The lesson was held by Rustam Rakhmangulov, a drilling engineer at Schlumberger Engineering and Petrophysics Centre in Moscow. He revealed the specifics of Yuzhno– Tambey gas condensate field, which is developed by ‘Yamal SPG’ in harsh arctic conditions. During the course of his presentation the lecturer explained the decisions taken and technologies used, which provided safety and successful fulfillment of the plan. Besides, the subject of optimization of high angle drilling was discussed, as well as the choice of drilling mud. Apart from that, effective ways of using geomechanical modeling and geosteering were introduced.

After the lecture a Q/A session took place, and everybody was able to ask any question, regarding the discussed subjects.