“COMEUNITY” National forum

From the 7th to the 11th of December 2016 Gubkin University SPE Student Chapter activists S. Basharov and D. Kolesnichenko participated in the National Forum of the International Education Young Leaders “COMEUNITY”. The forum took place in “Energetik” youth camp in Tyumen. The event was organized by students of Tyumen State University. This year, the Forum was held for the second time. Participants of the event were students from Russia, Ghana, USA and other countries, currently studying in various Russian universities. In total, there were 60 participants.

The “COMEUNITY” Forum started on the 7th of December. Students of Tyumen State University met participants at the railway station and took them to the camp. Afterwards, a sightseeing tour around the city was organized for the guests by Nikolay Drobunin’s  travel agency. Then everybody checked in. After that there was an informal opening ceremony where participants discussed some organizational issues and had a chance to get closer to each other.

On the 8th of December there was an official opening ceremony, where the acting rector of Tyumen State University, A.V. Tolstikov, and the vice rector for non-academic affairs, M.V. Hudyakova, took the floor. Then there was an introductory session, entitled “Internationalization of Higher Education in Russia: Role of Students and their Associations”. Also there was a project session on the topic “Foreign Students’ Integration in Russia”, where students could discuss particular problems and ways of further development.

On the 9th of December the Brazilian photographer Angelica Dass appeared on the Forum. Angelica Dass is known for her “HUMANÆ” project. She has already taken photos of more than 4 000 people in 16 different countries of the world. Angelica Dass was one of the main speakers of the Forum.

Afterwards, some lectures were held in English by Lukas Oppermann and Ivan Kobelev, representing a non-profit international student organization “Erasmus Student Network”. The mission of the organization consists in representing international students, providing opportunities for intercultural understanding and also opportunities for social and personal development. “Erasmus Student Network” organization follows the principle which claims that all the students should help each other.

The next event was called “Open Space”. On this event students from Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas (National Research University) represented Gubkin University SPE Student Chapter.

On the 10th of December the Forum was visited by Yvette Guntersdorfer, coordinator of the program of Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich. She introduced a certification program “Intercultural Communication”. All the guests had an opportunity to ask their questions about the program and to talk to Yvette personally.

Later some more lectures in English were held, which gave a lot of priceless experience for self-development to all the participants.

On the 11th of December the program of the Forum came to its end. Participants were awarded with certificates. Official closing ceremony of the “COMEUNITY” National Forum consisted of a buffet dinner and a concert. After the event participants departed from the camp.