The third Youth BRICS Summit

On 24th of November Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas (NRU) hosted the 3rd Youth BRICS Summit in the Oil and Gas Industry, in which the students from Brazil, Russia, India, China, Nigeria and Iran took part. This year’s Summit was held in the format of workshop, whose subject was ‘Ecology and Energy Saving’.

The Summit was open by a speech from the Vice Rector for Educational and Methodical Management, Andrei. V. Dushin. The first part of the Summit was the meeting of members of Youth International BRICS Countries Association of Petroleum Universities, during which the participants from different countries found out more about the actions of Gubkin University, regarding the development of BRICS Youth direction, and discussed the location of the next Summit.

The second part of the Summit was work on team projects. This year the format changed: the participants were divided in teams in advance, and each team had members from different countries – the purpose of such division was to strengthen the cooperation between students, build friendships and business relations. In total, there were 4 groups with 5 participants in each group.

Each team received a subject, related to an environmental problem in advance. The teams were asked to develop a team project on a topic, related to the energy industry. Teams had one hour for completion of their projects, after which they had the opportunity to consult with an invited expert in the ecology field.

The second part of Summit was held in lecture hall 607 where the teams consulted with experts about the economical and technical aspects of their project.

In the conclusion of the Summit, teams presented their projects to the Expert Commission, composed of experts from Lukoil and Gazprom and representatives of Gubkin University.

The winning team received gifts and certificates.

The 3rd Youth BRICS Summit gave the opportunity to the students from the allying countries to learn more about the petroleum industry, improve their teamwork, share experiences and make new friends.