‘Individual career planning at the beginning of one’s professional pathway’ – a lecture by Andrey Valyaev

On the 19th of November a lecture, entitled ‘Individual Career Planning at the Beginning of one’s Professional Pathway’ was held at the Gubkin University. The lecture was discussing problems of employment in the petroleum industry.

The event was attended by nearly 50 people, most of whom were students from the Gubkin University.

The lecture covered three main topics: the importance of setting a goal, the significance of internships during educational process and the principles of writing a resume. Andrey Valyaev explained the attendees why, in the first place, it is necessary for everybody to specify their aims, to understand what they want to achieve and in which field they want to specialize.

The student learned that internships in companies should be essential part of education for those who major in technical subjects, since it is possible to obtain much more knowledge in field conditions and also feel what it is actually like to be a petroleum engineer. Andrey Valyaev also told the economists where it would be better for them to complete internships, and why even students, who are involved in juristic and economic studies, should know everything about petroleum industry.

What is resume (CV) and how to construct it? This was the topic of the last part of the lecture. The speaker shared his experience in the HR sphere and revealed some secrets of making good CV.

The Q/A session after the lecture demonstrated students’ high interest in problems of their further employment. Everybody was satisfied with the answers given by the speaker for the asked questions.