ENERGY4ME at Gubkin University

On 28th of October the Chapter activists: Eleonora Pechorskaya, Shamil Khasanov, Artur Martynevsky, Anton Runenkov, Anastasia Melihova and Rosa Galimova gave several lectures to the pupils of  School №2097. These lectures were a part of the SPE project Energy4me.

The following events took place:

  1. Lecture «Onshore oil&gas well drilling», including:
    – Purpose of oil&gas wells
    – Experience: «Getting the oil out»
    – General principles: subsurface structure and thermo baric conditions.
    – Theoretical basics of rock failure.
    – Basic drilling methods.
    – Basic steps of well site construction.
    – Experience: «Perforated Well Casing»;
  2. A visit to oil and gas production equipment polygon;
  3. Coffee break;
  4. Economic game “Oil Rush”

The students enjoyed the lecture, which was evident from the many questions they asked afterwards. Educational programs of our university were also introduced to potential enrollees. During the experiments everybody had an opportunity to try themselves out as petroleum engineers.

Later, while playing the economic game the pupils felt what it’s like to be the top manager of an oil or gas company. The students now understand both sides a little better: both the economist and the engineer.