Lecture of Member PJSC «LUKOIL» Mikhail Samoilov

On the 6 of October key man of LTD «Centr of Expert Support and Technical Development» OJSC «OC «Rosneft» Mikhail Samoilov delivered a lecture «Hydrokinetic analog formation of working of wellsite with hydraulic fracture in terms of reservoir compartment AB 1(1-2) Samotlorskoe field».

During the lecture have been presented practical task solution of integrating modelling part of a field with horizontal wellsites, which passed operations of hydraulic fracturing treatment with methods, like microseismic contouring. Mikhail told hall process very informative. He also focused attention on importance of understanding work result. During the lecture students took the chance to model wellsite location by themselves. As a result of it they had more producibility of development fields.

Theme of lecture was quiet specific, but it wasn’t reason for students miss it. About 40 persons visited this event, including quoters from big companies, like Rosneft, Ritek, Halliburton and Schlumberger. Lector noticed interesting questions, which were asked by student, and totally remained satisfied of their erudition