From students to school children

Due to generation shift in the petroleum industry attracting the youth becomes a task of highest importance. Gubkin University pays close attention to the problems of professional orientation, providing a platform for exchanging experience and knowledge not only between the specialists and the students, but also between students and school children. The role of SPE in this matter is to make technical information as available and as understandable as possible. International educational SPE programme – Energy4me provides additional opportunities for education in the energy sector, and also science and technology, open access to written material (books, articles, presentations) for school children in several languages.

Thanks to joint effort of Gubkin SPE Student Chapter and the Union of Class Presidents, guided by vice rector for matters of education Vladimir Nikolaevich Koshelev two seminars were organized on 10th and 16th of May at two Moscow schools (State Public High School №1103 and State Public High School ‘Yugo-Zapad’). The programme of the seminars included presentation of Gubkin University and the role of energy sector in everyday life, interactive classes (experiments, illustrative demonstration of physical and chemical processes) and quizzes on basic questions of the petroleum industry. Gubkin Students answered the children’s questions about the education process in the Gubkin University.

The schools’ teachers expressed their gratitude to all the students who presented, and also noted that it is this type of projects that stimulates the students on active learning. It helps future graduates understand where, what and when will they encounter if they decide to dedicate their lives to the petroleum industry.

Active continuation of educational seminars of this kind is planned in the following semester for school children of all age categories.