Young Member Outstanding Service Award

Gubkin SPE Student Chapter is a perfect platform for any person who is willing to reveal their talents, develop social skills and show what they are worth on the whole. In our environment each day students are challenged with various tasks, they have to stimulate their minds and turn on creativity to be on top of any activities carried out in the Chapter. This hard work is highly appreciated not only within the Chapter but also at the level of the country and worldwide.

Gubkin SPE Student Chapter expresses heartiest congratulations to Vlada Streletskaya on the occasion of receiving one of the most honorable young SPE members award named “Young Member Outstanding Service Award”! Only a few of them are given in the region and strict specifications are proposed to obtain one. Our Chapter is proud of having such a splendid and dignified representative, her being as well a member of the Board of Directors of SPE Moscow Office, a member of the SPE Intetrnarional Young Members Engagement Committee and an executive assistant to rector of our university at the same time. This is truly a benchmark and an example of the outstanding social activity and highest achievements. We wish you more of such great success!

Another important example illustrating our fruitful work is the evaluation of our efforts by Russian National Committee of World Petroleum Council. We are very proud that Marat Tukhvatullin and Jansaya Alibekova were granted the scholarships named “Golden Legacy of WPC” for active participation in research and public work, and high progress in study of oil and gas profile. The award ceremony took place in our university during the gala concert dedicated to the 85th Anniversary of Gubkin University. Recently, two more representatives of our Chapter have been honored to receive this scholarship. With great pleasure we would like to congratulate Indira Valeeva and Dmitry Koshechkin on achieving their awards given out during Tomorrow’s Leaders Symposium in Budapest, Hungary. Thank you for demonstrating the standard of excellence for all Chapter members. These are the results everyone of our Chapter should aspire to.

“Each person dreams of finding their vocation. Ones are successful, others spend their whole lives trying to find it. 6 years ago, when I entered Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas, I became an active member of one of the student organizations – SPE Student Chapter. From the very first day I realized that there was no other better place for self-development. Receiving the Regional Young Member Outstanding Service Award from the President of SPE  International, I couldn’t help remembering the whole way covered: from an ordinary Student Chapter member to the post on the board of directors of Moscow Section and the member  of the Spe International Young Members Engagement Committee.

I cannot say that everything was easily achieved but  I always had my team by my side – my friends and associates.  The people who are fearlessly standing the difficulties and who are eager to achieve new goals; people raised with high moral standards who have faith in their powers. I am endlessly thankful to fate for giving me the opportunity to work with them, as well as with my chiefs and mentors: V.G. Martynov, O.T. Gudmestad and Jeff Spath! A special place in my life is held by my research adviser, Gubkin University SPE Student Chapter faculty adviser and the main mentor of my life – A. B. Zolotukhin. My received award is though personal, but it is actually our common victory!”

– Vlada Streletskaya