Gubkin University SPE student chapter at the Annual technical conference and exhibition SPE ATCE 2015 Representatives of the student section visited the largest conference and exhibition of the Society of petroleum engineers – ATCE (Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition), which was held in Houston (USA) from 28 to 30 September 2015.Within three days, the delegation of the University took part in the extensive conference program by visiting the technical sessions, international intellectual игру SPE Petro Bowl, stands oil and gas companies at the exhibition, the awarding Ceremony of the best student sections and fellows of the international Society of petroleum engineers and going through the cycle of organizational training for leaders of student sections. Each year the Society of petroleum engineers (SPE) holds the largest oil and gas conference the ATCE, which is famous for the richness of the program and the excellent technical content:

  • more than 400 presentations on new and future technologies;
  • more than 500 companies-participants of the forum presented the latest oil and gas technologies, products and services;
  • more than 12,000 participants from around the world;
  • numerous industry courses and events for students and young professionals;
  • rewarding the best professionals and students in the industry in various categories.

For students of the Gubkin University visiting such scale event is an invaluable opportunity to be involved in international scientific environment, to gain new contacts with experts and companies in the oil and gas industry for the development of cooperation and to represent our Alma mater in the international arena in the most prestigious universities in the world. Present a brief report on the trip. 27 September (before the official opening of the conference) – held a traditional eight-hour workshop for leaders of student sections, where students from more than 100 countries of the world have had a great experience working with team in non-standard conditions, the setting of goals and objectives from professionals from around the world and information about new student projects. September 28, took place the solemn opening ceremony and intellectual играSPE PetroBowl, the winners of which was the team from National Autonomous University of Mexico. Assessing the level at which the universities compete among themselves, our Chapter starts the team’s preparations for the tournament next year. In addition, on this day, our University was represented by Amin Talipova a report on “improving the efficiency of development by using models for risk management of offshore fields”. On 29 September, the delegation of the University visited the company NOV (National Oilwell Varco) is an American manufacturer of drilling equipment. The company’s specialists conducted the educational tour of the production sector, students can get answers to your questions. After the tour company representatives were presented with commemorative gifts. An important element of the program was announcement the award of the best student sections and fellows of the international Society of petroleum engineers, where there was a ceremonial presentation of awards to outstanding chapters, the winners of the intellectual game PetroBowl and the fellows. The President of the Gubkin university SPE student chapter U Alexey Vikhrov was awarded the SPE STAR. Recall also that the SPE Gubkin Chapter was awarded the honorary award “SPE Gold Standard Award 2015” in recognition of outstanding achievements and fruitful work in the 2014-2015 academic year. After the Ceremony there was a meeting of leaders of the professional and student sections of the Russian Caspian region with the Director Anton Ablayev, which was presented to statistics development in the region and strategy, discussed projects and problems in their implementation, a plan for the sections, listened to and accepted suggestions from students.


At the evening dinner the 2015 SPE International President Helge Haldorsen, highlighted the achievements of the Society during the past year. More than 700 people attended the event. It is a great opportunity to meet members of the Board of Directors and honored members SPE International, learn more about outstanding sections and programs of the Company. Following the meeting, the President 2015 SPE International was replaced the next International 2016 SPE President Nathan Meehan. We are proud to note that during the conference the dynamics of development of the Gubkin chapter Helge Haldorsen and Nathan Meehan, who has scheduled a visit to the Gubkin University (27 October) in the framework of participation in Russian oil and gas technical conference of SPE. “Your chapter and University are the very famous and prestigious in the world! Keep it up guys! Forward. Looking forward a meeting in Your University,” said Nathan Meehan in conversation with the Gubkin University delegation. I should say that the parade uniform of Gubkin Russian state University of oil and gas attracted the attention of a large number of participants from all over the world. On the final day of the conference, the Gubkin University delegation visited the exhibition, in particular, the SPE International stand, where they learned about new opportunities (programs, scholarships and grants) provided by the Company. This was followed by a small tour of the city. The next ATCE conference will held in 2015 in Dubai (UAE) from 26 to 28 September 2016. Latest news and current projects of the student section you can find on the website spe.gubkin.ru and in the official pages vk.com/gubkin_spe, facebook.com/gubkin.spe. Gubkin University SPE student chapter expresses gratitude to the rector Professor Viktor Martynov, rector for international Affairs Professor Alexander Maksimenko, the Vice-rector on educational work Professor Marina Filatova, Advisor to the rector and curator of the SPE student chapters Professor Anatoly Zolotukhin, Pro-rector and the coordinator of student programs section of the Moscow Vlada Streletskaya for the trust, support and provide opportunities for further growth!. Also express gratitude to the professional Moscow section and the office of the SPE for participation in the conference!