SPE Annual Report Meeting

Gubkin University SPE Student Chapter is growing ever year. «2014-2015 was not an exception to better development and production» said activists of the at the Annual Report Meeting which was held on the 5th of June.

It is not a secret for anybody what the activity of the Gubkin University SPE Student Chapter consists. Heads of committees of the International relations, Knowledge development, Human resources, The Secretariat, Information technology and Public relations realized project plans for next year. Last year the members of the Society of Petroleum Engineers really increased thanks to the Gubkin students for participating in such massive projects like the 21st World Petroleum Congress (WPC) and 6th student’s scientific and practical conference «Oil and Gas Horizons». WPC became a big call for all University, and Gubkin University SPE Student Chapter took the responsibility on preparation and monitoring of volunteers. The courses of trainings which were carefully developed and prepared according to all requirements of the Russian national committee of WPC, turned volunteers into a big family which responded to any difficulties during WPC. «Oil and gas horizons» created a unique platform for students, graduate students and specialists of oil and gas industry for exchange of experience, an objective assessment of the scientific researches and strengthening of the international relations, which is very important nowadays. And, of course, all the projects for all year promoted stable involvement of the initiative for students wishing to increase the potential in the oil and gas sphere and to find an amicable and solid team.

Pleasant words of encouragement and helpful comments on the activities of the section was expressed by all the guests to the student Gubkin University SPE Student Chapter. The first speaker was the rector of Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas and professor Viktor Martynov. He congratulated activists with the famous award – «Outstanding Chapter», thus worthy of representing the University in the international arena, and the possibility of development of students as future engineers of the oil and gas industry. Vladimir Koshelev, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, Anatoly  Zolotukhin, Advisor to the Rector for International Affairs, Anton Ablaev, Regional director of SPE Russian and Caspian Region, Vlada Streletskaya, Student chapter chairperson of the Moscow section of the SPE, Lydia Sirotkina, Director of the University Center of youth initiatives , Yaroslava Orlova, Assistant coordinator of the youth projects of the Moscow Office of the SPE, the companies Schlumberger, Repsol and Magazine ROGTEC also spoke with warm words and useful criticism to activists. This year other leaders of student organizations of our University and the Joint Student Council also took part in the Annual Report Meeting. We hope that our cooperation will only grow stronger!

During the Annual Report Meeting everyone was presented with a collection of reports, the latest edition of the journal SPE Times, the fans of display screens created a new website section spe.gubkin.ru, and leadership of the section was handed over. Gubkin University SPE Student Chapter is grateful to all the guests and participants of the Annual Report Meeting. Special thanks goes to the University administration, as well as Schlumberger Company, which has become a «Sponsor of the year» of Gubkin University SPE Student Chapter.

Currently Gubkin University SPE Student Chapter is the largest section in Europe. Further development and scale of new horizons depends on the people creating this team. Therefore, every student of the Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas can choose for themselves this way. The way to deeper knowledge of the oil and gas industry, the road dating to the management team to fully operate, the way people close in spirit. And this road is really interesting.

Anya Svetkovskaya  RF-10-08