Ceremonial Opening of the SPE Office

On May 28 in the life of Gubkin University SPE Student Chapter there was a significant event – office opening (the 3rd case, room 2882)

The guests invited to the opening ceremony were: administration of the university (the rector – Martynov Victor Georgiyevich, the vice rector for international work – Maksimenko Alexander Fedorovich, the vice rector for study – Koshelev Vladimir Nikolaevich, the assistant to the rector and the Student Chapter Chairperson of the SPE Moscow Section – Streletskaya Vlada Vladimirovna), the head of department of international relations Isaev Oleg Fedorovich, the chief of the protocol department of management of international relations – Dyomina Valentina Nikolaevna, the assistant coordinator of the projects of the SPE Moscow office – Orlova Yaroslava, and also special guests from the Schlumberger company: Gerdyush Andrey Eduardovich (the HR and work manager with higher education institutions), Mazitov Rinat Nurgaliyevich (the well intervention vice-president for Russia and Central Asia) and Ablayev Anton Ravilyevich (the business development manager at Schlumberger, SPE Regional Director Russia and Caspian).

Board officers and activists met high-ranking guests in the traditional uniform of the Gubkin University. The red tape  before a door of a new office was in a festive atmosphere cut by Rinat Mazitov and the president of the Gubkin University SPE Student Chapter Alexey Vikhrov. All attendees could estimate personally repair, a situation of an office and the international awards of the Gubkin University SPE Student Chapter: the atmosphere indoors disposes only to achievement of new heights, and the new technical equipment which appeared with assistance of the Schlumberger Company, will become the right tool for achieving future results!

It should be noted historically that the Schlumberger Company developed special support of projects for the Gubkin University SPE Student Chapter – Schlumberger course of lectures under the “Ambassador Lecturer Program” of SPE International from the staff of the company,the excursions organized by the company, and support to annually hold  “Oil and Gas Horizons” conference. During the opening ceremony of the office by all attendees, the structure and the main projects of the SPE student’s section  were presented, and in the course of discussion possibilities of implementation of new projects were considered.The invited guests wishedthe Gubkin University SPE Student Chapter further success and development, and activists of section assured that they will continue to conquer further the world and to open the new horizons, conducting work in the new office!

In fact, following the results of 2014-2015 academic years the Schlumberger Company was awarded ranks “The sponsor of the year of the Gubkin University SPE Student Chapter”. This rank was introduced for the first time in history of existence of chapter and will be awarded from year to year to the company for a special contribution to the development and support of projects of chapter from now on. The collective of the Gubkin University SPE Student Chapter expresses big gratitude to the Schlumberger company, and also administration of the university and personally to Martynov Victor Georgiyevich for trust, support and the given opportunities for further growth!