85th anniversary

17th of April was marked by a remarkable event- our beloved alma mater — Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas turned 85 years! We celebrated widely on this day!!!

Of course, Gubkin University SPE Student Chapter took an active and important part in the anniversary celebration..
Our team was entrusted with great honor to receive delegations of foreign embassies, as well as Presidents and Vice-presidents of oil and gas companies. The University received visitors from countries such as China, Bolivia, Angola, France, Norway and others. Together with foreign students, the members of the SPE section gave delegates a tour at ”the History Museum” of our University. Guests were able to pay tribute to the founder of petroleum Geology Ivan Mikhailovich Gubkin and fallen heroes of the great Patriotic war and laid flowers to their memorials.
The Rector of the University held a meeting with foreign visitors in the university’s oil and gas library. After which delegates were invited to a concert of the University’s Birthday, organized in the concert hall of the Palace of culture “The Gubkinec”. That is where guests were able to enjoy artistic performances of the most talented students of our University!

On this day, our respectable “Kerosinka” was honored from all over the country, but, perhaps, the most discussed was the greeting transmitted from the international space station!
A huge stir in the ranks of the students was caused by the arrival of the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. The Prime Minister held a meeting with the University’s administration and outstanding students, where everyone could ask his thrilling question. Activists of the SPE, of course, were also not left behind. The meeting was once again recognized by the importance of learning foreign languages, and, in addition, the fact that the development of such a difficult language like Chinese, opens a new outlook and extraordinary opportunities! Dmitry Medvedev welcomed the efforts of our section and promised to implement large-scale international projects, such as conducting the BRICS summit, and promised to consider the issue of government funding for such events.
The best activists received a well-deserved award. The gold star honor was awarded to the newly elected President of Gubkin SPE-Chapter Alexey Vikhrov! He is the main motivator of our chapter! Our friend! And just a wonderful person! Alexey ‘s award was presented by the rector at the concert on the occasion of the anniversary.
And that’s not all, a little later, the President of the World Petroleum Council Joseph Todd handed Marat Tukhvatullin and Zhansaya Alimaganbetova scholarships on the results of the contest “Golden heritage of the world petroleum Council».

Guys, you are an example for us! On behalf of the whole section we congratulate you and wish you never to stop here,there is certainly only luck and a bright future! I would also like to Express our gratitude to our University for giving honor to have the reception for such high-ranking guests!
Happy Birthday,our dearly beloved Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas!!