Gubkin University celebrates the 85th anniversary!

Anatoly Zolotukhin,Who is known to be An Advisor to The Rector,Professor in the Faculty of Oil and Gas Field Development and Exploitation,Director of the Scientific Institute of Arctic Oil and Gas Technologies,Curator of Gubkin SPE Student Chapter,congratulated Our Chapter during the university’s 85th Anniversary.

Dear colleagues!

Congratulations to each and every one of you and all other student members of the Society of Petroleum Engineers with the 85th anniversary of our Alma Mater-Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas!
The Pride of Gubkin University;An organization bearing the banner of Gubkin Students and the students section of one of the most important Associations of Oilmen all over the world!

I wish you to keep the banner of the best world’s student section!It has been possible to you for three years,but every year it will be more difficult to perform because of stronger competitors.And this is also seen in your great educational role:even on the foremost to become a better person!

In recent years,our section has become,in essence,a highly professional,far transcending the usual student section,remaining by age in the same remarkable young age.

To be professional,staying young is the best combination!

I wish all of you and our SPE Student Chapter success in the education of new,honest,decent,responsible members ready to work and help at any time,who are able to solve any future problems of the Petroleum industry.

Happy Holidays!!!

Prof.AB Zolotukhin